May 6, 2007


For those of you Lost fans, the set I was flown to Hawaii to sculpt on appeared on last Wednesday's episode "The Brig".
It was the column Locke's father was chained to and the ruins surrounding it. Definitely was excited to see some real good shots of it on screen.


Adam said...

Found your blog while looking up last weeks episode of Lost. I have to say, very impressive pillar. Did you create their four toed statue as well? What's up with that? Anyways, very cool. So what do you know about "The Others?"

Duncan Crawford said...

No I did not get to sculpt the giant 4 toad foot, but that thing was sweet.
Disney is pretty scrict, so what few tidbits I do know, I'm not allowed to discuss.
That last episode definitely has me pumped up for the rest of the season.