May 19, 2007

Spider-man 3

I know it's hard to imagine that Duncan George Crawford, the same guy that used to take 2 days off from work every time a Batman film was released, would not see the latest Spider-man film until the 3rd week of being in theaters, but it actually happened. (I blame National Treasure 2)
My personal view is that Spider-man 2 is the greatest film based on a comic book character and after seeing Spider-man 3, I still feel the same. Spidey 3 was good, just not Spidey 2 good.
I was never a fan of the whole alien symbiote / Venom storyline or character in the comics so there wasn't much excitement from me to see them on screen. Also thought there were a few too many characters and threads on going making film a little on the long side.
What I did like about Raimi's latest: Sandman was perfect, great special effects and fight scenes. After watching the trailers, what looked like an unnecessary add-on ended up being what I liked most about the movie - Harry Osbourn. Goblin Jr. was bitchin' and Harry's story arc was very well done. The highlight as usual was of course Bruce Campbell. His Frenchman was his best Spidey appearance yet.
So Spider-man 3 definitely gets a thumbs up, but is not the best of the series.

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