February 18, 2008

Ghost Town

Land Of The Lost news: As the shooting schedule nears, the Director was showing cast member, Anna Friel (from Pushing Daisies) around one of the sets we built.
After 4 straight 6 day weeks, our crew got some much needed rest with a 3 day weekend. Thank you Presidents.

Over the weekend Akiko and I took a day-trip to Calico Ghost Town just past Barstow which was a major silver mining town back in the 1800's.

The land was bought and rebuilt in the 50's by the Knotts family. They also built the Knotts Berry Farm amusement parks. This was evident because Calico, although a very historic location, did have a slightly cheesy roadside attraction feel.

This weekend they were performing Civil War reenactments.

Akiko in someone's former home.

One of the really interesting characteristic of the area was the geological formations. Lots of different colors and some cool rock action like this stuff behind me caused by the Calico fault.

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