April 13, 2008

Urqhart to Inverness

After a nice breakfast at the B&B overlooking the Drumbuie farm and Loch Ness, we decided to hike the 2 mile trip to Urquart castle. Urqhart was a much more commercial tourist attraction than the other ruins we've seen to this point, but still a very impressive site.

We hiked back, stopped for coffee in Drumnadrochit, got back into the car and drove through the city of Inverness and out to the Clava Cairns.

This site of rock mound burial chambers encircled by standing stones dates back to 2,000 BC. Now that's some old stuff! The official name of the site is Prehistoric Burial Cairns of Balnuaran of Clava.

On the way back we stopped on the shore of Loch Ness.

Another great Highland view from the next morning as we aimed at Skye.

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