May 3, 2008

Iron Man vs Optimus

If you know me, you understand that seeing Iron Man opening weekend was an absolute must. Well, I saw it and loved it.
It ranks right up there with Spiderman 2 and Batman Begins as one of the best comic-book movies to date. Robert Downey Jr was cast perfectly as Tony Stark, The CG was seamless and the film had a much more adult feel than your typical superhero movie.
Happy, John Favreau is an obvious fan of the character and stayed faithful to his comic roots making this film a real joy for all my geek brothers and sisters. The entire cast did a great job and every scene with Iron Man kicked complete ass.
If you're a Ultimate Marvel fan, make sure you sit through the credits for a sweet cameo.

In other movie news, I started work this week on Transformers 2. As usual, I can't speak of what I'm actually doing, but I can confirm this: Transformers 2 will indeed contain Battling Giant Frickin' Robots!

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