May 24, 2008

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Spent several months working on the sets for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and today, Akiko and I went to the theater to see it.
Found the movie to be lots of fun and enjoyable. Did however have a few problems with some of CG heavy moments that completely took me out of the movie such as the sword fight atop vehicles speeding through an unpaved jungle and a few other moments.
Probably the most disappointing for me was that they had cut 2 scenes completely out of the graveyard segment that I had done a lot of work on. Oh well, mabye they'll be on the DVD.

Now that the movie has been released, I can finally share some set photos.

The blue arrow is where Indy removes a skull to find a switch to open a swinging door. This was under the graveyard in the movie.

Giant (and very heavy) water wheel at the top of the staircase in the temple.

For those of us working on the crew, this movie could have been called Indiana Jones and the Battle of the Condors. This is the moment when all trades are frantically trying to finish a set. Propmakers, Sculptors, Plasterers, Painters and Special Effects were all crammed into a very small area as things had to get done. When the dust cleared, Set Decorators came in and put the final touches on the entrance to the throne room.

To cap things off, here's the cover to a new mix CD I'm almost ready to burn.


CJ said...

Very cool Duncan! I sent the link off to my kid brother who is an archeologist and a huge Indy fan.

While I was on your Blog I had the added bonus of reading about and viewing your pics of the Scotland trip. Simply Awesome!

See you at the movies.


Duncan Crawford said...

Thanks CJ, Indy was fun and Scotland was amazing.

Thanks for checking in to the blog.

Connie Wong said...

cool photos! Thanks for posting, always fun to see the real work behind the scenes. Also, really love the photos from Scotland, looks like you and Akiko had an adventure!