August 30, 2008

San Juan Capistano

Seeing as Akiko and I are both in between jobs at the moment, we decided to take a day trip on Friday, before the long Labor Day weekend.
We first stopped at one of our favorite spots, Laguna Beach for lunch and some fine art galleries.
We continued South to San Juan Capistrano where our main mission was to see the Mission. We spent quite awhile checking out the grounds, exhibits and the ruins of the Great Stone Church which was destroyed by an earthquake during morning Mass in 1812.

Some nice colors and textures in the North corridor.

The Great Stone Church ruins.

Before the Mission closed Akiko had a chance to break out her portable plein air paint set and painted one of the buildings.


CJ said...


Is this the mission the swallows always return to?

As always love the photos and commentary.


Duncan Crawford said...

Good to hear from you CJ.
Yes, this is the Swallows Mission. We saw several nests while we were there.