October 4, 2008


Although Akiko has been back several times, this was my first return visit to Japan since our honeymoon 8 years ago. From our apartment in LA to our hotel in Japan, we spent roughly 18 hours in travel time, but it was worth it as we saw some spectacular sites and had a great time.
Huge thanks go out to Akiko's parents, Mr and Mrs Hikida, who were the best hosts. Mr Hikida spent a lot of time and effort researching, planning and scheduling our excursions right down to which train to get on at which time. We would have spent half our trip in train stations figuring this stuff out if it wasn't for him. And for all the food we ate, Mrs Hikida's dishes stood head and shoulders above the rest. From shabu-shabu to traditional Japanese cuisine, it was all delicious. Thank you again.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love food an beverage gimmicks and "new" flavors. Because of this condition, I found myself constantly stopping at the never ending beverage vending machines that are EVERYWHERE in Japan. A combination of products I've never seen and my favorite coffee-drink-in-a-can (usually coffee, water, sugar and milk powder) in many different versions per machine. How could you NOT want a can of Wonda (wonderful) coffee with a tag line like: "premium coffee with a radiant-like beauty"? Plus they're small so I could try several a day. I already miss those damn machines.

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