October 4, 2008


We spent a day doing quite a bit hiking around Kamakura, a town where Akiko's family lived for many years. We took a old train/trolly, Enoden train, to the Kamakura station. A nice scenic ride that traveled along the ocean part of the way. Then we set out by foot.

Yes, Japan has Starbucks. We stopped in for a snack and caffeine before our trek.

Fox Shrine, Sasuke Inari.

A statue across from a money washing shrine.

More walking led us to Kencho-ji.
Kencho-ji is the first-ranked of the five great Zen temples of Kamakura, and is the oldest Zen training monastery in Japan. It was constructed during the regency of Hojo Tokiyori and was completed in the fifth year of the Kencho Era (1253).

These dudes (or Goblins) were part of Hanso-bo, the protecting shrine of Kencho-ji.

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