October 3, 2008

Nara & Kyoto

After extending our trip a few days, we were able to visit Nara and Kyoto. Akiko's Dad did an incredible job planning and scheduling so it ended up being smooth sailing the whole way through. We got on the Bullet Train and zoomed to yet a another historical spot in Japan.
Nara is not only the birthplace of Japanese civilization, but also where Akiko was born. First she hunted down the parking lot where the Hikidas' house used to be and then went made our way to the park where Akiko took her first steps.

This park that led to the Todai-ji was FILLED with tame/wild deer.


The next day we joined an english speaking bus tour of Kyoto. After over a week of walking all over the place searching and seeing the sites, it was nice to just sit back, be taken to the attractions and listen to someone who knew the history of each spot.
The following are pictures from around Kyoto on our final day in Japan.

It was great getting to see Akiko's family again and we saw some amazing stuff. I'm sure we'll be back in a few years.
For Akiko's take on the trip, check out her blog here.

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