December 8, 2008

Battlestar Kitten

Kitten Rescue, a great organization that Akiko is very involved with, had an Open House at it's Sanctuary this past Sunday.
Akiko was there for the whole event and I stopped by for a little bit. While there I got munch on some snacks, bid on the silent auction, hang out in rooms brimming with cats (Yeah, I'm a Cat-Guy, so what?) and meet one of Kitten Rescues' donors, Battlestar Galatica's #6, Tricia Helfer.

Tricia was very nice, is definitely a lover of cats and talked to us about filming the final episode of Battlestar and her busy schedule. Of course I couldn't help but ask her how it was to work with Bruce "The Man" Campbell on Burn Notice. Who doesn't love Bruce?

A fun time and worth getting my butt off the Sunday Football couch for.

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