April 9, 2009

Temple of the Smoke Monster

This week's LOST episode 5.12, featured the sculpting I did on my first trip to Hawaii this year.

After Ben and Locke walked through these stone tunnels, Ben fell through to the temple.

A distressed wall in the temple in raw bead foam.

And at the alter of the Monster...

Offering to the Smoke Monster hieroglyph.

Placed with other panels and blended together with cracks.

Sealed, painted, installed and ready for camera.

What do the hieroglyphs mean? I'm not sure, but the fans are certainly trying to figure it out and given this panel a lot of discussion over at Sledgeweb's LOST...Stuff and at The Fuselage.


KansasGal71 said...

Thanks so much for posting these photos. I have linked your blog at The Fuselage.. Dark Ufo... Lostpedia and on my Facebook.

Tell us all about working on lost. No Spoilers are expected. I understand you cannot say much. I want to know about the actors and people behind the scenes and what it was like to be in Hawaii!!!

However, any spoilerish info is always appreciated...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Great work, do you know if the LOST production will use your talents again in the future?

Duncan Crawford said...

As cool as it is to work on the show, it's a lot of hard work and long hours. The deadlines are nuts and you need to get lots of work done in a very short period of time. Making it easier is working with a great crew and the fact that you are in Hawaii.

I also sculpted on the season finale, but me say nothing.
And yes, I hope I get a return trip for the final season.

Manchvegas, NH said...

Just found your link from Dark UFO.

All I can say is AWESOME!!!! Great detail in the heiroglyphs. You must know that we fans will scour every detail of them too! lol

Noticed you did work for last years finale as well. You surely will be back for S6. I also think its safe to say you have made it on a "big show." Your fan base has just grown and you'll soon be mentioned on every LOST forum in every country without a doubt!

Can't wait to see what you did for the finale! Thanks for your photos. Post all you can, they're great. Will stay tuned...