April 29, 2009

Worldwide Fame!

I guess we can chalk it up to the internet world that we live in these days.
I usually get about 6 to 10 visits a day at this blog so imagine my surprise when I turn on my computer yesterday and my Sitemeter desktop widget tells me that my blog had over 800 visits. In One Day!
Turns out that a fan of the much discussed LOST hieroglyphs that I worked on, had found my in progress photos of them from a Google search and linked my blog to a LOST forum. Then linked it to few more and before you knew it, my pics were all over the internet.
It's been linked to German, Korean and other sites, but I think this one from todoseries.com is my favorite. I can't read Spanish, but they have screen captures of "El Templo" from the show with my pictures along side them. Sweet.

Stay tuned for for my autograph signing appearance announcements.


ManchVegas, NH said...

Lost has a very large and devoted fan base world wide!

Please post some of your work you did for the finale. We would love to see how it all came together along with any thoughts/comments/island stories you may have.

Again awesome work! Thanks for sharing.

KansasGal71 said...

Happy to see you are getting many hits. I have enjoyed the Lost photos... However all of your work is great. You have a very interesting line of work. How much fun is it to create make believe into real life?!?!