June 1, 2009


Finished a couple of weeks of sculpting on sets to be used on Michael Jackson's upcoming London concert tour. No, I did not see Michael and no, I cannot tell you what we built.
So, moving on....

This weekend, Akiko and I attended MONSTERPALOOZA. On display were some amazing sculptures of monster masks, heads and figures. Great stuff. Got to see Margot Kidder and a few icons of the genre.

Here I am with none other than Dr. Satan himself, Walter Phelan.

I've been caring around this photo of a tombstone I carved for Rob Zombie's House Of 1,000 Corpses and it finally paid off. Several years ago at a Comic-Con, I had gotten the signature of Bill Moseley (Otis) and this weekend got both Sid Haig (Captain Spalding) and Walter Phelan (Dr. Satan.)

Couple of shots from the Monster Museum.

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