August 10, 2009

Tasteful Centerfolds, Cirque Berzerk and Wolfhound

For anyone who Googled "centerfolds" and ended up here, I'm going to break it to you up front. The are no naked women here, just cats with no clothes on.

Gizmo posing.

Furbert and his sun patch.

Akiko found out about it and got us tickets to an event that was a completely awesome entertainment package, Cirque Berzerk. Everything about this Creepy Carnival of the Dead was successful. Outstanding acrobatics, great music being played live during the show, ghoulish design and the New Orleans style Vaud And The Villains band that played during the intermission. Really fun time.

I recommend (to those who like this kind of stuff) Wolfhound, a Russian barbarian movie. "In a time when Gods walked amongst men..." and a group of evil marauders slaughters the entire Clan of the Grey Dog, save one boy who is taken in as a slave. About 7 minutes in, the boy now grown and bent on revenge, ready to wage siege on a mountaintop castle with his trusty bat companion, Ragged Wing. He is known as WOLFHOUND! Very fun Sword and Sorcery film that is not only epic in story, but in length as well at almost 2.5 hours. Hang on till the end because one must bear witness to the Mighty God Sword. Sweet.
Big, pissed off bad-ass with a broad sword strapped to his back and bat-buddy on his shoulder, what could be cooler than that? They call me WOLFHOUND!

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