February 7, 2010

Lost, Green, Black and Gold

First for all the LOST fans, the sets I got to sculpt on seen during the season opener were the the hallways leading to the temple and the interior of the temple where Sayid was dunked in the water. Unfortunately, the Angkor Wat influenced doorway header I worked on was barely seen. Maybe we'll get a better shot of it later in the season.

The reason for no new updates recently is due to me working in New Orleans on the film GREEN LANTERN based on the DC comic book character. Not allowed to say anything about it so let's talk about what I can...

New Orleans!
It's a pretty historic time to be here with the New Orleans Saints football team making a run at their first ever Super Bowl appearance. And let me tell you, this town loves their Saints.

Here I am outside the Super Dome before the Saints game where they beat Favre and the Vikings. We watched the game at Harrah's casino and downtown and the Quarter just erupted when the Saints won. Crazy.

Another thing about NO is how much live music is going on here on any given night. Have seen some great acts like Alvin Youngblood Hart, Anders Osborne, Galactic and MyNameIsJohnMichael to name a few. Really looking forward to Akiko's visit next week and I already have tickets for the B-52's when she arrives.

Anders Osborne ripping up the original House Of Blues in The French Quarter.

Can't mention NO without talking about the food. Yes, the southern cooking at places like Mother's, Deanie's and VooDoo BBQ & Grill have definitely helped me put on a few pounds, but I was on the skinny side anyways. Don't get me started on the Bread Pudding and Pralines.

Geaux Saints!

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