May 8, 2011

THOR Reigns!

Knowing the comic book and even working on a few of the sets for the film, I had no idea how anyone could successfully make Asgard, Earth and Gods work in a live action movie. Well, I'm very happy to say that Kenneth Branagh pulled it off. A almost perfect blend of character, conflict, humor and action grabs you and doesn't let go. And tears of joy for comic fans like me who get to behold THOR brought to life. The spinning hammer, bringing down the lightning and battling beside Lady Sif and The Warriors Three to name a few. Wow.
Marvel hits another home run. For me, THOR places right up there with the best of the best in comic book movies right next to Spider-Man 2 and Iron Man. Can't give Marvel enough credit for crafting excellent movies with their stable of characters all leading up to what may be the coolest movie of all time, The Avengers.

As a side note, THOR marks my first screen credit after 11 years in the movie industry. Look for Duncan Crawford under "Sculptors" while you wait for the scene after the credits.

Couple of pics of the Frost Giant set in the making.


Wes said...

can't wait to see your pics and info from Super 8 after it comes out this weekend. Please keep the industry inside stuff coming

Wes said...

Can't wait to see your pics and inside info from Super 8 after it comes out this weekend. Please keep that movie industry info coming!