September 12, 2007

Hollywood part 2

It's official, Indy 4 now has a name Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

As far as building sets for it, it's all coming to an end very quickly. Our sculpting crew has been slimmed down several times and I'm very privileged to be working on it right up to the end.
With that said, being part of set construction in the final days can be kinda hectic. The deadline is closing fast and all trades have to finish what they need to do all at once. With boom lifts jostling, we have to wait for the Carpenters to put up their wood structures that we need to clad with foam, Plasterers are waiting for us to get our foam up so they can plaster it, Painters are waiting to paint finished surfaces, Special Effects are installing steel mechanisms, Grips are rigging stuff from the perms and Set Decorators are waiting in the wings to dress the set. Up in the lift I was getting sprayed with plaster from one side, splattered with paint from the other and all the while raining down foam on everyone below. Clusterf@*% with a purpose.
Keeping you going is that you can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and know you'll soon be moving on to something else. Whew.

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