September 1, 2007

Hollywood, Baby

Who would have thunk that the guy working an office job in Rochester NY would end up chillin' with the stars in Tinseltown?
I'm currently sculpting in a stage at Warner Bros. and it's kind of fun walking out the stage door to see a tour tram filled with people staring at you as they listen to the history of the lot.
In true Hollywood style, I'm now going to drop some names. Star sightings have been common while at WB. On break I've seen Maura Tierney (Abby) and Mikhi Phifer (Pratt) from ER and Anna Friel from Pushing Daisies was getting a shot of wheat grass while I waited to order at Jamba Juice.

Akiko and I hit the hot LA club, Opera, for the National Treasure 2 wrap party. Great food, open bar and a special clip made just for the crew with bloopers and thanks from the stars made for a fun night. We even got to rub shoulder with Chris Tucker and Jerry Bruckheimer.

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