October 13, 2007

And It Begins!

It's been 7 months since I finished the maquette, but I now have time to make a mold of him.
As to not be confused with previous posts, I have 2 maquette projects moving forward currently. One is the female figure in the sculpting phase and this one that is in the molding phase.

Before getting started I watched and took notes from John Brown's Gnomon epic 2 DVD workshop on mold making and Colin,the friend generous enough to let me use his shop, has over 14 years experience with mold making and is there to answer any questions I have.

Here's a pic of the figure I'm molding and the first step of building a foam core platform for the wed clay.

The oil based clay/wax maquette has a coat of Crystal Clear and is being protected with some wet paper towel as the wed clay is applied.

A little fine tuning to the outer edge and it will be ready for the plaster.
The wed clay is to represent the silicone which will poured into the plaster jacket.

This is the point where I was interrupted by a call for a 2 day job. I'm doing some sculpting for the Will Smith superhero film Hancock. It's a wacky night schedule deal, but I did get to see both Director Peter Berg and Will Smith himself as they shot a scene on the set we're working on.


Anonymous said...

What happened in the scene you saw filmed?

Duncan Crawford said...

As with pretty much any film these days, I signed a paper on confidentiality. So I can tell you the sets looked great, but can't tell you what it actually was or how it plays in the movie. Sorry.