October 25, 2007

Casting Parts: 2

Spent a full day working and forgot my camera. What I did that day was to build box molds for the arms and pour silicone rubber into the box molds and into the bottom plaster jacket.

Everything poured with silicone. You'll notice I drew a rough drawing of the arms on the outside of the box molds so I would know where to cut open the mold.

Jackets were then pulled apart, the clay figure removed and a pour spout and bleeder holes were drilled through silicone and plaster.

The parts were casted with a 2-part urethane plastic.
So there it is, I'm very happy with the minimal seam lines, but still working the bugs out of a few air bubble issues. I plan on casting several copies to customize including one to match the Jim Starlin drawing it was based on.

Thanks for checking out the progress reports.

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