January 20, 2008

Blair Witch part 2

Sucked in by the hype once again. In this day and age, I'm amazed that JJ Abrams managed to keep shots of his monster off the internet and that definitely helped fuel my "I have to see this on opening weekend" urge. That and reviews stating that this film was more than what people thought it was going to be.
In the end, Cloverfield was EXACTLY what I thought it would be. A mix of Godzilla, the latest War Of The Worlds and Blair Witch Project. Giant monster attacking a major city from the point of view of an average person shot through a handheld camera.
I'm not saying I hated it. Really liked the Lovecraftian monster and every scene it was in, but the ultra annoying shaky camera work made the overall experience not so great.
A high point was getting to see 3 scenes that had matte paintings that Akiko worked on for Fugitive Studios. One being a battered, smoking Manhattan seen from Central Park. Sweet.

The other film we caught this week was No Country For Old Men.The Coen Brothers back in top form creating some real tension without a single note of soundtrack music. Excellent work from Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and a memorable villain played by Javier Bardem. Engrossing.

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