January 31, 2008

Winter in California

The deadlines for our sets are fast approaching on Land Of The Lost so some of us (including me) have been working Saturdays for the past couple of weeks. I'm always tired, but the checks are nice.

snow capped mountains

Being from New York, we usually get a laugh out of what they call winter out here in CA: 50 degrees and light rain for a couple of weeks. This year however, it actually feels like Winter or at least like Fall. It's dipped below 40 degrees on several occasions and it's been raining quite a bit. Considering it didn't rain at all last year, the rain is good for a parched West Coast.

Last Sunday, Akiko and I finally got to see the Murakami show at MOCA. Colorful, obscene, influenced by Japanese history, and whimsical are words that could be used to describe the work on display. Really liked the DOB paintings and appreciated the incredible amount of craftsmanship seen in every piece. Well worth the price of admission.

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