April 13, 2008


After walking the castle grounds, we hit the road towards Glasgow. More stressful driving on the opposite side of the road and those wacky roundabouts made for some tense moments, but we made to the Alamo Guesthouse and set out on foot.

Glasgow School of Art designed by Rennie Mackintosh.

We got a few shots of the School of Art and then visited the Tenement House where some kind old Scottish folks with thick accents told us what life was like for those living in tenements in the early 1900's.

Then it was through Kelvingrove Park to the Art Gallery and Museum.

From there we walked up the hill to the impressive buildings of the University of Glasgow and strolled around the campus for a little while.

After dinner and coffee, we noticed a pub right down the street from where we were staying. The Drawing Room: Food, Drink, Art. So we grabbed our sketch pads, pretended we were part of the Drink and Draw Club, had a few drinks and sketched away. (I'll post the drawing at a later date.)

The Drawing Room.

The next morning before leaving the city, we went to the Hunterian Art Gallery. On display there was the Mackintosh House. The interior home designed and decorated by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret Macdonald. Walking into these rooms almost brought a tear to my eye. Art Nouveau has always been my favorite art period and an inspiration so seeing it all in one place reflected in everything from furniture to interior design to the art hanging on the walls was a special experience. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures so I have no pics from this one.

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