April 13, 2008

Into The Highlands

Driving through the Highlands was filled constant "wow" moments as the scenery was just beautiful.

Me and our Scottish Hot Rod.

One of our stops was Inverlochy Castle. We spotted a sign for it on the side of the road and it turned out to be the most wicked set of ruins saw on the trip. It was raining pretty hard so we had the place to ourselves.

Then it was up to the Glennfinan Monument. We hiked up to the viewpoint in a serious downpour, but it was worth it.

Glencoe: Volcanic formations filled with fault lines and carved by glaciers. This area is truly gorgeous with colors ranging from bright moss green, yellows and brownish reds. Ice capped mountains with runoff creating mini waterfalls, surging streams and a raging river coe.

We stayed at the Clachaig Inn which was smack-dab in the valley of Glencoe and had several trails steps away from the door.

We took the trail out to Signal Rock where the signal was sent by the English to commence the infamous massacre at Glencoe where they attempted to murder the entire MacDonald Clan in 1692.

Signal rock.

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