April 13, 2008

We made it to Scotland!

Yes, we flew into Heathrow's Terminal 5 on the day it opened, March 27th. Yes, we were very lucky our flight to Edinburgh did not get canceled. Yes, British Airways lost our luggage. No, I don't want to talk about it. (As of April 13th, Akiko still does not have her luggage.)

Despite the nightmare of getting to and out of Scotland, the time we actually spent in Scotland was incredible. The sense of history, the statues, ornaments and architecture of the buildings and the breathtaking landscapes of the Highlands and Isle of Skye made Scotland a vacation to remember.

Our first stop was Edinburgh.

Akiko outside our hotel, The Bonham.

Our hotel was just a half mile from Edinburgh Castle so we left the car walked up King's Stable road and ended up at the castle and the Royal Mile.

Edinburgh Castle sitting atop volcanic rock.

Outside the castle, at the top of Royal Mile.

Our first day we did a ton of walking checking out the alleys, buildings, graveyards and taking a couple of tours.

The second day, we strolled around the residential area of New Town then went into Edinburgh Castle.

What an amazing place and again, so much history.


cityexplorer said...

Hi Duncan

It looks as though you have Scotland well covered.

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Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Mark Minard said...

Hey Dunc ~

The goatee is back! After that first one back in '93 I thought you'd be done with those :)

Thanks for sharing the great pics of Ireland. Very moody and atmospheric they are, certainly not the ordinary travel snapshots.

Mark Minard

Duncan Crawford said...

Yep, after years of silly facial hair styles, I settled back to the goatee with partial mustache.
Glad you liked the pics of Scotland, Mark.