June 15, 2008

Previous Life Unearthed

My Mother seems to have discovered clues as to what I have done in a previous lifetime.

This is a photo my Mother took during a trip to Ephesus, Turkey.

AND THIS is a photo of a snow sculpture I created in our front yard in my younger days. Hmmm....

That evidence coupled with me visiting Standing Stones in Scotland and carving foam rocks for movie sets could prove that my soul was once a stone sculptor. Double Hmmm....

Back to my current life, after Akiko and I hit an art supply store in North Hollywood and stopped into a Gelson's supermarket for lunch. There picking up some groceries was none other than Steve Carell. Gotta love those LA star sightings.

Loved Kung Fu Panda. Looked great, Perfect voice casting, cool villain and some very funny moments. Jack Black is one funny dude and it was easy for me to relate to his fan-boy geek Panda character. Definitely worth seeing.

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