June 22, 2008

Vartan Project

One of my ongoing projects is creating a maquette of Armenian historical figure, Vartan Mamigonian for the film East Of Byzantium: Fugitives and Warriors. My Work In Progress will be shown at fundraiser for the movie tonight so I'm able to share it now.

Started with an armature map drawing of the character's body type.

This is the armature for a 12" figure and then the Pro Clay build up of the rib cage and pelvis mass.

At this point, the pose is worked out and muscles are put in place.

Getting down the anatomy. Even though Vartan will be wearing cloths and armor, the anatomy underneath it all needs to be correct or he won't look right.

Here he is in his current state. It's been a challenge as I haven't had much experience with clothing and armor.
Still quite a bit left to do as well. He gets a cape, scales on his armor and he will be holding his helmet in his other hand.
I'll post updates when I have 'em.

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