July 19, 2008

Best Summer Ever For Comic-book Fans!

Man, this summer's movies have been geek heaven.

Iron Man started the summer off as the superhero film to beat. True to the comic, polished and perfect casting of Robert Downey Jr.

Next up, The Incredible Hulk. CG was a tad too cartoony, but the movie was way better than I was expecting after seeing the trailers. Marvel did it right this time and tying their universe of heroes together is a fan's dream.

Wanted was entertaining with some great scenes. Unfortunately, after the first 20 minutes, it was nothing like the awesome mini-series it was based on.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army is a truly epic fun ride and visually stunning. Del Toro was obviously having a ball making this movie and hats off to him for using CG only when necessary and leaning on the more traditional special effects with amazing costumes and animatronics. Johann Krauss was a welcome addition to the BPRD team and Prince Nuada was an impressive villain.

What felt like the anti-empty-eye candy-summer-blockbuster was the outstanding The Dark Knight. This was just so much more than average comic based movie. Dark and gritty with dense characters make for a gripping action, crime drama. And enough scenes of a brutal Batman doing some serious ass kicking to keep Bat fans happy. (I practically jumped out of my seat with joy when Batman's eyes briefly went to white lenses. Thank you Mr. Nolan for giving this die hard Batman fanatic something I've always wanted to see on screen.) Everyone involved in the Christopher Nolan masterpiece should be congratulated. I can't wait to see this one again.

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