August 10, 2008

Work Work Work

Sorry for lack of posts, but not much other than work is going on.
Still sculpting for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and things have been a little nutty. The space we are building sets in is so huge, we're able to build 5 or 6 sets at a time. The problem is that the place isn't sound proof so every time the Company shows up to shoot on one of the many sets, construction gets put on night crew. Working 10pm to 8am is just not natural so you end up existing as some sort of zombie. When to eat, when to sleep, losing track of what day it is and making it through a shift on 2 to 5 hours of sleep is all part of the deal.
I am however very grateful to be employed in an industry that's pretty slow at the moment so I'll stop bitching.

This is an illustration I did (based on the artwork of Gil Kane and Wally Wood) for the K-a fanzine celebrating the anniversary of Captain Action.

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