August 20, 2008

Legend Of Mary Worth

Back in '05, Akiko and I with help from Charles Wills, worked on The Legend Of Mary Worth, a movie written and to be directed by our friend Dominick Domingo. The film was a small budget horror film and our job titles included Concept Artist, Storyboard Artist, Prop Master, Sculptor, Art Director and Production Designer among other things. We were there to do anything we could to help Nick bring his script to the screen.

We filmed the period flashback scenes detailing the origin of Mary and then things fell apart and our involvement with the film ended. I don't know the details, but the movie was eventually completed and will be released in September. I doubt Akiko and I will get credit although it will be fun to see our part on the screen.
The movie is now titled LEGEND OF BLOODY MARY and if you click the title you can see the youtube trailer. Our scenes can be glimpsed during "The Legend" portion of the trailer.

Akiko with our casted, painted and leather wrapped skulls.

Charles with "The Baby" and bloody bones.

Me with Gun Shop sign sculpted out of 4lb foam.

Nasty collar prop created by Colin Recchio.

Well we made and in place on location.

Skull and bone panel.

Concept sketch for Sister St Claire.

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