September 17, 2008

Sculpting Jam

Over at one of my fave websites, The Clubhouse, They often have sculpting jams. They offer up a theme, post a deadline and members start sculpting away.
This week's jam is Cyborgs, androids and robots. It's great practice with the deadline as motivation. After years of wanting to jump in, I finally sculpting something to enter.
She's a female cyborg, 3.5" tall made with Pro-Clay in roughly 6 hours. I would love to add more robot-like lines, but Akiko and I are off to Japan to visit, so this is it.

To see what the other members are whipping up, the jam is in The Sculptor's Forum at the above link. You may have to sign up, but it is definitely worth it as the site is frequented by some of the pros in the sculpting field.

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