September 12, 2008


A couple of other unemployed Sculptors and I decided to take our weekly Frisbee Golf (Disc Golf) game on a road trip. The destination, Wrightwood, home of Mountain High Ski Resort. Between April and November, they set up a 27 hole Disc Golf course on one of the ski hills. After a little backtracking (who knew the direct route through the mountains on the Angeles Forest Highway has been closed for the past 4 years to fix a bridge), we got to the very well laid out, gorgeous course situated at 7000'. Akiko tagged along as well to draw and paint the scenery.

Craig and Dave at the first hole. Look for the wood carved bear keeping an eye on the action to the right of the basket.

The yellow circle is the basket we were driving to waaaayyy down the hill.

Not only were there eye-popping views, the course was also a real workout with plenty of hiking up, down and across the hills. We ended up playing 36 holes, and give Wrightwood a huge thumbs up.

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