November 16, 2008

Wrapped Revenge

After working for 4 months as a sculptor on Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, I got an invite to the Wrap Party, so Akiko and I headed out to Hollywood last night to party down with the cast and crew.
We don't get out all that much so it was fun hanging out at a hip club with an open bar, excellent food and a burlesque trio shaking things up for a few tunes. The highlight however was Michael Bay himself presenting a full length trailer that no one has seen yet as a thanks for all the hard work the crew put in to make the film. In true Bay fashion, the trailer had plenty of Armed Forces presence, returning stars and above all else, tons of stuff getting blowed up. We're talking some serious explosions here. Whoa.
Great time LA style.

Welcome TRANSFORMERS fans. My blog has been linked to a few sites because of the wrap party info. It has been clarified that what we were shown at the party was not an official trailer, but footage shot for the sequel, cut like a trailer. It was for us cast and crew and not something anyone should expect to see released any time soon.
Despite what has been said though, there was at least 3 scenes with robots. However, the robots were ones already established in the first film so no breaking news here.


Anonymous said...

very cool, sculpting must be great once the final touches are made, I have been waiting a long time for a transformers art book hitting shelves on december.
Does anyone know anything about this, they made one for Peter Jacksons King Kong & The LOTR.

Duncan Crawford said...

I too was very much looking forward to a "art of Transformers" book. Between the sets we built and all the CG work done, there was a ton of really cool stuff.
While working on Transformers 2, I asked an Illustrator in the Art Dept about why there wasn't an art book. He said that it was deemed by the higher ups that "art of" books don't make enough money so they weren't going to bother with publishing one.