November 22, 2008

Latest Update

First, the really big news. Akiko's sister, Nazuki, Just gave birth to her second child, Sean Francis Hughes (have to check with the parents for the proper spelling). Congratulations to Nazuki and Steve and we'll post some pictures after our NJ visit early next year.

On the movie work front.
Set construction is absolutely dead right now with nothing going on. The word from fellow sculptors is that there are many films set to start and things should be very busy once again in the beginning of '09. People need to escape during a recession so movie making must go on.


Still working away on the Vartan maquette. Finally got down to sculpting those darn armor scales.

Action Figures are out and Mighty Muggs are in.

What's the hot collectible for comic book geeks these days... MIGHTY MUGGS!
How could any Marvel fan not love these cute representations of beloved characters known for action, violence and massive destruction.


And what blog entry would be complete without another picture of Gizmo. Here's a quite moment in between his unending search to get into trouble.

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