December 5, 2008


Veteran's Park, where we play Disc Golf in Sylmar, CA is where a major fire was started several weeks ago. Called the Sayre Fire, it burned over 11,000 acres and destroyed over 600 homes. With the Disc Golf course in the lower section of the park, the fire started in the upper area and spread rapidly due to 60-80 mph Santa Ana winds. After the fire was contained, the park remained closed for many weeks while the cause was investigated.

We were on hand for the first day that the golf course was reopened, Monday 12/1.
Glad to say that the course was untouched by the flames.

The winds did however snap a few trees, one of which took out this practice basket.
Not so good though was the fact that Gary's Pro Shop was looted while the park was closed. Busted his door, smashed his cash register and stole merchandise. Way not cool.

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