January 3, 2009

New Year

Our annual tradition since moving to Pasadena is to toast the New Year at midnight as the ball drops then head outside. They line up all the Rose Parade floats along Orange Grove blvd, a few steps from our apartment, so they are ready to roll later that morning at 8am.

Leaf covered hat.

Hope continues in 2009.


Mawstro Flay said...

I have been a fan of the Rose Bowl parade for many years. Some year I hope to, with my family, volunteer to work on building the floats.

I didn't realize you and Akido lived in Pasadena. It must be awesome sight to be able to see the floats in person.


Duncan Crawford said...

We've been in Pasadena for 4 years now and love it here.
I know a few sculptors who have worked on floats and say it's a pretty major deal.