January 3, 2009

So Long SL

After much discussion, Akiko and I decided to trade in our 2000 Saturn SL2 and upgrade to a new vehicle.

The SL2 was a reliable car and in 86,0000 miles, never had any major problems other than typical wear and tear.
As for sentimental issues, it was the first new car I had ever bought and was our first big purchase after getting married and driving across country to live in LA.

What I'm really going to miss is my Flaming Purple Skull bumper sticker.

The new car is an '08 Astra XR.

It's a mostly unchanged Belgium made Opel Astra which has been a very popular model in Europe for several years. Designed for twisty European roads, the handling has a tight feel and makes for a fun ride. Not going to win any drag races, but has a spunky fuel efficient engine. We like it.

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