June 29, 2009

Recent Stuff

For all of you that know me for the Comic Book Geek that I am, I can now say I worked on a Marvel film. It was only for a couple of weeks, but I just finished working on a set for Iron Man 2. I'm legally obligated not to say a word about it and before you ask, I did not see any of the stars.

Akiko and I went to the Huntington to see the Titan Arum or "Corpse Flower." It only blooms once every several years and when it does it only last for a couple of days and produces a rotting meat smell. The photo above was taken about a week before it bloomed.

We also spent a day at San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park. We were really impressed with how much area these animals had to roam around in mingling with other species as they would in the wild in Africa.

We also took a behind the scenes tour and got to see this Cheetah up close. "Remember kids, stay behind the red line."

Look Out.... Behind You!!
They also had a temporary exhibit, Dino Mountain, with some nifty animatronic dinosaurs.

And what update would be complete without a pic of The Boys?

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