July 1, 2009


Whether the film is considered great or terrible, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen was very good to me. I spent 4 months sculpting on it and got to work on things I usually don't get a chance to like ornament and scale maquette-models for some of the sets we were building.
-following photos will contain SPOILERS.-

By the time I was hired, all the math had been figured out to create this column, but I did get to help shape, detail and carve hieroglyphs on this 30' tall polystyrene beast.
Over 14 copies were made of this so Mr. Bay could blow them up in any manor he chose.

Another sculptor did the eagle statue (that got blown up) and I did the eagle talons and seal underneath it that was seen in the college library scene.
The painters did an amazing job making this look like marble.

Next I got to work on the maquette for the Tomb of the Twelve. It was a cramped set loaded with dead, corroded robots who had been there for thousands of years. The Production Designer and Michael Bay wanted a combination of organic bone shapes and decaying alien robot parts.

This one shows real animal jaw bones with teeth, casted spine and lobster parts and oil based clay.

The following are the finished set.

Hope you enjoy the photos, it was a fun project to be a part of.

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Crefigz said...

wow, now I know who is the guy that did all those masterpiece stuff behind the scene, its some godlike skill you have there.