April 22, 2010

5 Weeks In Oahu

Got the call to fly to Hawaii to work on LOST for one last time to sculpt on the set for the series finale. We'll talk more about that after the final episodes air.

Although it was pretty much all work, I did get to travel around the island a little bit.

Over the past several years, this was my sixth trip to work on the show and Akiko finally got the chance to visit this time.

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

Back to work! 9am break meant breakfast with the boys, Kevin, Uncle John and Kimo, at Diamond Head Grill (boy am I gonna miss that place.) I was having the kim-chi fried rice this morning, but their blueberry cream cheese scones are truly amazing.

Me and Freddy.
Location jobs are always tough because you're away from home, but as far as locations go, there isn't anywhere better than Oahu. Gorgeous island and the local crew were a blast to work with, Mahalo.

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