April 22, 2010


With the LOST series
coming to an end, Evangeline Lilly threw a party to top all parties. "Evangeline's Crew Bash" was held in the secluded Kualoa Valley and I didn't know if I was going to make the list of invitees until the morning of the party. Although a few of us were scheduled to work the Sunday after the event, this bash was not to be missed.
As I've said many times on this blog, I've been a huge fan of the show since the first episode. Had my first geek moment on the shuttle into the valley when I introduced myself to Jeremy (Faraday) Davies and told him how happy I was to see him back on the show (he died, but reappeared in the alternate reality.)

We got there just as they started serving dinner. Poke salad, roast pig, lobster tails and everything in between made for delicious meal.
For a post dinner presentation, Ms Lilly went above and beyond putting together a video compilation of the crew. You don't see this kind of gesture very often in this industry and it was greatly appreciated.

Lead sculptor and buddy Jim Van Houten, who is responsible for me working in Oahu, with Michael (Ben) Emerson and myself. With only a few exceptions, the entire cast was at the party roaming around and happy to talk and take photos.

This is a picture of Michael Emerson, me and Jorge (Hugo) Garcia with Josh (Sawyer) Holloway walking in front of the camera.

Got to explain to Terry (Locke) O'Quinn my fan idea of seeing an alternate Locke showdown with evil Locke with good Locke beating the Locke out of the Smoke Monster. Terry assured me that I would not get to see that and that he wasn't too keen on the idea as he would most likely end up with more scrapes and bruises than he already has.

Told Creator/Writer Damon Lindelof about my dilemma of getting to work on the final set for the show, but still not wanting to know how it ends until it airs on TV.

And I got to personally thank Evangeline (Kate) Lilly for hosting such a special night.


AlYaGotADo said...

Please may i post your picture with Michael Emerson on my blog and on the fan page. I will link back to your blog. Please?!!!


janetk said...

Darn! No pictures of Naveen and his little boy. I saw a twitter that they also attended the party and have been looking forward to seeing pictures of that.

But thank you so much for posting this, I enjoy your blog very much, just can't get enough of behind-the-scenes P.O.V. in the industry that has given me so much enjoyment.

Duncan Crawford said...

Yes you may, thank you for asking.

Anonymous said...

Man.That party seems so wonderful and so rare in this industry. Evangeline is such a sweetheart for doing that.

and you're so lucky to attend. This was a wonderful read. Thanks for the pictures.
I wanna see that complication Evangeline put together now and cry. lol.

Fangirl question, Was Matthew Fox there?

Duncan Crawford said...

I was indeed very privileged to be at the party, Evangeline Rules!
And yes, Matthew Fox was at the party.

Spicedogs said...

May I post Michael Emerson's photo in the Michael Emerson's Fansite photo gallery? I will link back to your blog.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't all the crew invited? :(

Evi is great. I love that she had this gesture with you. Although we don't get to see you, your work makes this show possible so thanks to all of you, from a LOST fan.


NBC001 said...

Thanks for visiting us over at the Fuselage. I've posted numerous links to you're blog over there because I love the work you've done for Lost. You are so lucky to have been able to work for such an excellent show.

Jean Pennie said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing