May 24, 2010

LOST Finale

"Lost is over?!!... I'm outta here!"

Man, what a show. Great ending to an awesome series.
The following are some in-progress photos of the Light Cave, the heart of the island.

This was a fun cave because it wasn't the usual dirt-rock style we used in the past. I was privileged to get to sculpt most of the "flow stone."

Flow stone stalagmite with plaster and paint.

This set ended up looking great in the finale.

The water test.

Dripping skull, the final strike of Skulboy!


NBC001 said...

Thank you for the pictures of the Light Cave.
What a great job you all did. The set was fantastic.
I've posted a link at the Fuselage to you're blog.

Folk Heart said...

Lost finale had special meaning, knowing your involvement. I actually spotted the skull during the show, and wondered....

How exciting, and what brilliant work. Kudos!

FETTS said...

Awesome work. I hope we get to see more on the box set features!

jonna said...

Very cool work! It's neat to see the photos of the set and be able to appreciate the amazing work you guys do from a different perspective! Hand-sculpted caves, so cool!