June 9, 2010

Summertime Open

After playing Disc (Frisbee) Golf for almost 30 years, I just played in my first ever tournament this past weekend, the Sylmar Summertime Open. As seen in an earlier post, I was asked to create a graphic for the event and after finally making my mark on the sport, I decided to see what it would be like to play with the big boys.

I signed up for intermediate and was placed into the Advanced Masters bracket which is basically a nice way of saying Old Guys bracket as we were all 40-50 years old.

Advanced Master Old Guys in the house.

On arrival to the tournament, I received my Players Package and was extra psyched to see my image stamped onto a disc and printed on t-shirts and golf towels. Nice.


Then when we rolled up to hole 4, there was my promo piece.

Hole 4 brought to you by SKULBOY.COM.

Akiko can tell you, I was pretty nervous about playing with tight rules and tough competition. I tried to stay cool, play safe and do the best I could. By the end of the second day of the 3 day event I played well enough to be tied for 3rd in my bracket and was surprised and happy with that. Day 3 didn't go so good and I finished tied for 6th out of 8. Still no so bad for my first time out and at least I didn't end up last. Had lots of fun and met some quality people. I'm now a member of the PDGA and planning my next tournament.

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