November 15, 2007

Turn Up The Base!

OK, after molding, casting and trimming the figure I sculpted, it was time to pull out the old urethane foam and sculpt a base.

Finished the rock carving, made a quick dump mold and added weight by dumping in lead shot while casting the base in urethane resin. Here he is painted with primer and done for now.

Colin got a some more motion out of the sculpt by stacking 2 bases.

Happy Thanksgiving and looking forward to seeing family and friends back in Upstate NY next week..


MidZ said...

Fantastic sculpt, Duncan!
Thanks for sharing this here and in the clubhouse sculptor's forum. Hope to see more sculpts from you!


Duncan Crawford said...

Thanks MidZ,
I generally only get time to work on my own sculpts in between movie work, but promise to keep them coming.